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The Bitpool Process

  • The connection process can begin with a single asset, or an entire city.

  • Building data is retrieved. It could be from any consumable or generative source, or any equipment.

  • Data goes through the pipeline, where it is processed and put into cloud storage.

  • Data can then be utilised in all of Bitpool’s technologies.

  • Analyse data to manage performance, identify faults or abnormalities.

  • From the ongoing results of the data, this information is returned back to the assets to make improvements that increase asset value.

How Bitpool Works

Advantages of Bitpool

Energy Tracking

  1. Witness Improvements over time.
  2. Predict expected consumption usage.
  3. Compare performances across an entire portfolio.

System Tracking

  1. Monitor system and equipment behaviour.
  2. Pinpoint faults and potential failures.
  3. Determine system efficiency.
Building Data

Learn to use Bitpool

Learn how to use Bitpool to create meaningful visualisations from your building’s data.

If you want to dive straight in to particular sections of the video, the timing is listed below:

0:16 – Signup
1:21 – Login
2:25 – Change Organisations
2:50 – Manage Organisations
3:35 – Dashboards
6:39 – Widgets
11:40 – GDRS
12:49 – Sharing
13:38 – Presentation
17:25 – Data on Widget
19:35 – Comments

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