Innovation Flagman

In the United Kingdom, 1865, the Locomotive Act - otherwise known as the "Red Flag Act" - was passed. This legislation was a response to the first cars that were starting to be produced. These [...]

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Chatbots R 4 WiNz \o/

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" - the infamous line spoken in an eerily calm tone by HAL 9000. The movie scene would not have had anywhere near the same effect if the line [...]

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Cybersecurity, The Deep Web and Robots

I've been on a quest to find robots. This ambition motivated me to take a trip around Tokyo, Japan - the global hub of Robotics - to see what I could find. We tend to see alot of cool [...]

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Bitpool + EDMI Reporting Solution

EDMI are one of the most reputable and quality brands in electrical smart meters through Australia, New Zealand and now spreading globally. In Australia they are recognized as one of only a few pattern-approved meters suitable for [...]

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#NaaS (Niagara as a Service)

If you’re in cool kids club you’ll be up-to-date with all the latest tech buzzwords floating around, such as #SaaS (Software as a Service) and #IoT (Internet of Things). And by chance if you’re a [...]

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Yes, we want to ‘own’ your data too… and here’s why

I have a fascination for Nike Air Jordan shoes. They’re an iconic product of the USA, but so darn expensive and difficult to buy all the way over here in the lost side of the [...]

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